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Grade or age

If you are a part of a group, please provide the above for each individual member of the group.

Description of your artwork completed during the Black Lives Matter movement, protests, etc. Include location, name of business or building. Send photos of work by email below. 

Samples of your artwork in other formats (photographs of actual work or installation of work sent by email below)

Learning event description (class, course, workshop, training, tutorial, etc.) If event already took place, it must have been ?????

Material list from instructor  (may be emailed)

Location of learning event: physical location or online url


  • Tuition or workshop/instructor fees
  • Lab fees
  • Your materials costs

Your goal for yourself as a result of this learning experience. 

How will you share examples of work created during the learning experience? (photos sent by email, posted in social media, etc.)

After completing this application

Please send your application along with the following by email to

  1. Application 
  2. Photos of artwork from BLM movement/protest period
  3. Samples of your artwork not related to the BLM activities
  4. Materials list from learning event (if appropriate)



How to apply

Option 1: Copy the application detail on the left and paste it in an email, fill in your responses, attach images requested and send email. 

Option 2: Copy the application detail on the left and paste it in a word processing document. Fill in your responses. Attach the document along with images requested to an email.


DUE DATE: October 10th, 2020

Artists will be select based on review of the above details and based on the total number of submissions.



  • Maximum offered to any one artist is expected to be $250.
  • Number of applicants selected will be determined by number of and quality of applications received. 

Image may contain: text that says 'Elgin in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter byteplrbackpp by the people for black people'